Thursday, 3 September 2009


my band did an album in april. download this if you like, its ace!

Thursday, 27 August 2009


lou reed in transformers: the movie
and when i die throw my body into foxton locks
live every week like its shark week
little coney
un squadron
bagshot balloon factory theme (overture)
no drama
boxing day
dreams of portland

all sounds made with an acoustic guitar and my voice

recorded in 4 straight takes to 4 track


download me here

Monday, 22 June 2009


This is a poster ive done for a gig im putting on. Please come to it. its gonna be absolutely brilliant.

things i've learned this week:

- don't buy holidays off teletext, cause the companies end up going into liquidation and you spend the same money on phone calls as you probably would buying a more expensive holiday*

-the wire is probably the best serious american program ever.

- dont keep your internet banking log on details on the piece of paper they came on , as the little tear off sheet of plastics definately going to go missing

-i can speak confidently about various aspects of credit scoring despite not really knowing how all of it works.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


heres an entire video of the set i played last october at the grapes, expertly put together by jack fabian and shot by jack fabian and charde taylor. hope you enjoy, and if you want a proper copy they'll be available on dvd free with copies of my new album 'no drama' ( when its done!)


still to come:
goto80/warren myles split virtual 7"
warren myles ' live every week like its shark week/ self control' virtual 7"
more treats!

Saturday, 6 June 2009


here is a mixtape by ghosts ( ben catt) which has a new solo track on it that i've done. sounds pretty sweet. tracklistings as follows.

00:00 - Ghosts - 'Ghosts'
02:33 - Dead Gaze - 'A Simple Man'
06:13 - Old Blood - 'Cannibal Lovin'
08:53 - Mazes - 'Smoker Song'
09:29 - Slothbear - 'The Exceptional Bastards'
12:47 - Dog Bite - 'Swans'
16:00 - Death In Donut Plains - 'Empty Belly of the Trojan Horse'
20:00 - Warren Myles - 'Boxing Day'
22:32 - With Moths - 'Two Birds'
24:41 - No Lakes - 'Sailors Ball on Ghost at Sea'
27:10 - A. God Water - 'Don't Be Like You'
28:54 - Thee Moths - 'Ghost With a Robotic Left Leg Wanders the Old Home'
31:40 - Haunted Houses - 'Austin, Texas Mental Treatment Facility'

more updates soon!


Wednesday, 29 April 2009


heres a logo i did for robert george saull and the purgatory players. pretty pleased with this! gonna start doing more stuff with watercolours. NEWS IN BRIEF-

have booked goto80,him of chip hack datapop amazingness to play the 27th of august in sheffield, at the grapes. get down nai.
finished 9 new songs for urgent talk for a mini album called 'alexander, iv'. good.
also got played twice on bbc from this compliation! hurrah. buy the comp, its all for charideee!

Saturday, 28 March 2009


hello you.

this is a remix i did for ghosts, who is a good man. its a remix of the song 'young ghosts' from a forthcoming ep on dear you records. his music is really ace. check it out if you like microphones/thanksgiving/casiotone for the painfully alone etc..

the link is here.

other things of note:

have designed a new logo for urgent talk
have got a twitter that probably wont get used
have continued my film project( the above picture is a still from it) its about 4 mins long so far.
have nearly finished polishing up all ten tracks for the new urgent talk album/mixtape thing
have updated my myspace for the first time in ages

no more things have happened bye


Saturday, 7 February 2009


Hello there.

This is a remix of a song that i believe is called 'La Chambre' from the upcoming ep/mini-album by Miracle & the Soul Interpreter on Dear You Records.

You can hear their greatness here.

The picture to the left is part of a still from my film 'Tyria Jacobaeae'. Its still in the early days, but its all looking great.

P.S Dear Miracle lads , Fuck Avida Dollars, they dont know shit. How mean. And rude.

P.P.S Come to the harley in sheffield on wednesday and listen to Urgent Talk. Bye.


Monday, 26 January 2009


this is a poster for a gig that my band is playing on . we are launching 2 ep's on our record label on the same night. there are loads of good people playing.

its on the 11th of feb at the harley, sheffield, further details are here
you can hear us here
and v. soon you can preorder our records here

i did all the artwork and jacks screen printed every copy by hand, and they look really nice. as soon as we have the picture up i'll send it across.

apologies for the lack of updates so far, been really busy getting things together for this ep launch.

1. definative sheffield album cover part 2 here
2. laptop/gameboy gig on the 22nd of february. details here
3. started work on a new pop album. download single available here next month. animated film forthcoming mid '09 entitled tyria jacobaeae.

see you soon.



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