Monday, 22 June 2009


This is a poster ive done for a gig im putting on. Please come to it. its gonna be absolutely brilliant.

things i've learned this week:

- don't buy holidays off teletext, cause the companies end up going into liquidation and you spend the same money on phone calls as you probably would buying a more expensive holiday*

-the wire is probably the best serious american program ever.

- dont keep your internet banking log on details on the piece of paper they came on , as the little tear off sheet of plastics definately going to go missing

-i can speak confidently about various aspects of credit scoring despite not really knowing how all of it works.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


heres an entire video of the set i played last october at the grapes, expertly put together by jack fabian and shot by jack fabian and charde taylor. hope you enjoy, and if you want a proper copy they'll be available on dvd free with copies of my new album 'no drama' ( when its done!)


still to come:
goto80/warren myles split virtual 7"
warren myles ' live every week like its shark week/ self control' virtual 7"
more treats!

Saturday, 6 June 2009


here is a mixtape by ghosts ( ben catt) which has a new solo track on it that i've done. sounds pretty sweet. tracklistings as follows.

00:00 - Ghosts - 'Ghosts'
02:33 - Dead Gaze - 'A Simple Man'
06:13 - Old Blood - 'Cannibal Lovin'
08:53 - Mazes - 'Smoker Song'
09:29 - Slothbear - 'The Exceptional Bastards'
12:47 - Dog Bite - 'Swans'
16:00 - Death In Donut Plains - 'Empty Belly of the Trojan Horse'
20:00 - Warren Myles - 'Boxing Day'
22:32 - With Moths - 'Two Birds'
24:41 - No Lakes - 'Sailors Ball on Ghost at Sea'
27:10 - A. God Water - 'Don't Be Like You'
28:54 - Thee Moths - 'Ghost With a Robotic Left Leg Wanders the Old Home'
31:40 - Haunted Houses - 'Austin, Texas Mental Treatment Facility'

more updates soon!



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